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“Facebook…we need to separate!”

Dear Facebook,

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now. It’s keeps me up at night, but you already know this. It’s this idea that I’ve become disenchanted with you. You’re not what I what thought you were, in fact you’re more sinister than I expected. You’re destroying the relationships around me.

How are you doing this….

You suck the life out of me.

You disguise real authentic relationships with artificial ones.

You give me a complex when I see that no one “liked” my comments.

You  persuade me that there’s something constantly going on that I need to know about.

You create in me this need to be narcissistic, as if everyone needs to know about me all the time.

You convince me that you’re more important than spending quality time with my wife.

You need to go…

Facebook has been a huge tool in me connecting with my students and in youth ministry in general. But I have to do something. I look how artificial my world has become and I need a break. I need time to spend talking with people and use my real voice to do it. I need to spend more time with my wife, looking into her gorgeous eyes and listening to her talk about her day, not constantly checking my phone for an update on my wall. I need to go out and spend time with my students and not think that putting a “hey what’s up” on their wall is going to suffice. I need to be real, authentic and willing to allow Jesus to move, encourage and motivate me, not Facebook. 

Facebook…I think we need a break.

Best Regards,

Lucas Miller



My brother-in-law wrote a book a few years back and it’s great. Watch the video, buy the book and enjoy.

Evolution of the Hipster – Muppet Style

This is too funny, but not in an ironic sort of way. Let’s hope they don’t ruin coffee…oh wait they did.

The Trap of Awkwardness

I was so worried about not be awkward that perhaps I fear I might have lost my authenticity. Quenching the very nature of what it means to be a Christ follower into a digestible nugget of social behavior, I’ve misplaced, misrepresented, and missed the target; for what? So I can be deemed a hipster or non-judgmental?

Course correction.

I now turn back and realize that my faith is not dictated by what socially acceptable or by trends. It’s not to be kept in a box or stifled. It will be offensive (and that’s all right), it will be active, seizing all of the opportunities given.

My faith will not be something that happens on Wednesday or Sunday. I will be who I am, what I portray, and how I love. It will be missional.

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Gboard – Gmail Keypad…awesomeness!!!

ThinkGeek :: Gboard – Gmail Keypad

I want one of these…like now!

Google Wave…one word INCREDIBLE!!!

I just watched the extremely long video on this Google project. I’m now thinking about how to integrate this into ministry.

No fool here…with Fool’s Gold


I just downloaded (for free) this off of itunes. Surprise Hotel by the band Fool’s Gold. What a piece of magical candy for the ears. I felt like I was back in Ecuador again. With infectious guitar riffs and Hebrew lyrics, this song rocks socks off in way that would make Mossad proud.  Although the song is 6:48 long…every second is well worth it. I don’t recommend playing this song at work, due to ensuing rhythmic seizures, plate smashing, and aggressive foot stomping. People will think two things: 1) you need a trip to Atascadero or 2) you trying out for “Dancing with the Stars.” You have been warned.

Took the video link down, some elements were questionable, although not entirely inappropriate. Better be safe than sorry I always say.

M83…an 80’s Music Masterpeice!


In today’s day in age, it’s a rarity to find 80’s throwbacks that are decent. It seems that everyone want’s to be on the 80’s music/new wave bandwagon. Very few are capable of capturing the essence of what made 80’s music so magical. One exception is M83. With their 5th album Saturdays = Youth, they create a shoegazing/dream pop masterpiece. The entire album sounds like something that should have ended up on a John Hughes film. Filled with reverbed guitars, lush vocals and layered, yet danceable synths, M83 creates a romantic, yet dark portrayal of love and pain, hate and happiness. This album will change the way you look at 80’s music. Enjoy :.)

Songs worthy of a gander:

  • Kim & Jesse
  • Couleurs*
  • Dark Moves to Love
  • Midnight Souls Still Remain

*my personal favorite!