Summer, Youth Ministry, and Silver Unicornes

Within the realm of youth ministry summer has always brought great joy and often times, great pains. It’s a time where student’s schedules are open, a time where opportunities for building relationships arrive consistently and with impromptu ferver. It’s a time to relax.


One of the things I love about the summer is the amount of face time I get to spend with students. I love being able to have those impromptu lunch gatherings where you can joke, ask questions, eat, and learn more about the students that are in your care. If you’re strategic you can end up learning a ton about our kids and their lives. For me it’s more than lunch, questions and whatnot…it’s about being intentional about what we do. Building relationships is tough work; it takes time, energy and patience. Students are like cats, in that they don’t give their loyalties easily. Summer definitely gives you the edge.

Below is a quick list of things to do (consider):

Look at summer as a strategic starting point for developing a student leader program- Use this time to observe students who demonstrate leadership qualities, and invest in them! Develop the framework, pray and launch!

Invest in your volunteer leaders.-With summer bringing more time to hang with students, don’t neglect your volunteer leaders. Invite them over for a BBQ, play some games, continue to empower and encourage!

Read, pray, and process- Summer is a good time to read a book that you’ve been putting off. I would recommend something that is perhaps not a ministry related book. Read something different! As always in ministry we should be praying. Prayer changes things (trust me on this) and what a great opportunity to develop a new element in your prayer life. During the summer season I always try to process the things we do in our ministry. I look at what we do and how we can make it great. Not a bad concept to utilize.

What are you going to do this summer?


[side note] you’re probably wondering why “Silver Unicornes” was listed in the header? There is in fact no reason as to why I put that in the title, only that I have a sick obsession for observing the awkward. Never forget awkward Sunday!!!


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