Social Media…friend or foe?

What would happen if Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and all of the other social networks were to mysterious disappear? What would happen if you went to log on to your Facebook account only to find a server error (meaning that the Facebook didn’t exist)? What would be some of the initial thoughts that would surface in your head? Would you cringe in inconvenience? Would you breakdown into a panic attack and fanatically try and find away to “connect?” Do you think that a person could be addicted to social media outlets?

I know what you’re thinking right now…’your asking a ton of questions.’

Let’s face it, what would happen if we really severed our social media ties with the world? I honestly asked myself that question today. I tender the idea of killing all social media in my life, but then came to the realization that I use it equally for work and personal use, and the terminating Facebook would only limit my sphere of influence. Then I started to think about what if I gave up my social media habit for a week, maybe two, or even a month.

What would happen? What would I see? What would I hear? Would I feel completely disconnected from the world? Would I try to substitute the absence of Facebook and Twitter with something real…like meeting someone at Starbucks and actually having a ‘real’ conversation?

Don’t misunderstand me here, I think that Facebook (and all of the other options out) are fun and exciting. They contain both pros and cons to their existence. But what if they dictated what you do, how you feel, where you go…would you stop using them all together?

As I sit here and type this ‘blog posting’ I find myself caught in a iconic prose. I have to laugh at the idea. But then I think about my relationship with Christ, my wife, and others. Have I given priority like as I given priority to Facebook? A hard question to ask. Is my relationship with the Creator of the universe suffering because he doesn’t have a Facebook profile or a Twitter account?

I ask that you join me in prayer as I seek out the truth in these questions. I urge you to take a step back and look at your relationships…are they real? Do they even exist?

More to follow…


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