The Leadership Rock

Over the past few years I’ve devoted myself to the study of leadership principles and methodology. Although many books today somewhat say the same thing, there’s always a reason why. It’s sort of why teachers review academic material with students, as students often fail to grasp the meaning, principle or concept at first go. This very well could be the reason why books on leadership say the same thing; we as leaders just don’t get it at times. I am reminded by this statement

In matters of style, swim with the current;
In matters of principle, stand like a rock.
~T. Jefferson

Truth is, we can get it. We can swim with the current of style and stand firm in our convictions. Bottom line; being a great leader isn’t about how many people you lead, authority, position, or even influence. It’s about being able to do the right thing even though some will hate you for it. The right thing is not to be confused with the popular choice. They are seldom the same thing.



One thought on “The Leadership Rock

  1. Josh says:

    awesome and inspiring quote on leadership. thanks for sharing!

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