Lucas, Life, & 2010

I know that this year has been blog post light and I apologize for this. With my dependence upon Twitter I have lost the art of blogging something of substance, something worth reading, again mea culpa. Anyway, below you’ll see me life in 2010. Much has changed while other things have remained the same. So without anymore blabber…here we go!

Getting Married– This by far trumps anything that could have happened in my life. I married the Wonderful Dana Estopinal, now the wonderful Dana Miller. My life has without a doubt changed for the better. It’s been a tremendous blessing waking up next to my beloved, being able to see the world and live life with my wife right by my side. We had a wonderful wedding at the Edward Dean Museum in Cherry Valley and celebrated our honeymoon in Mexico on a fantastic cruise. I will say this…GOD IS GREAT!!!

Minsitry Transition– I started 2010 in Bakersfield working at the amazing Parkside church. God had blessed me with incredible friendships, leadership challenges, and relationship building. I spent the year learning more about leadership and less about student ministry, all the while learning how to bring the Word to student in fresh and innovative ways. However, God soon had other plans for my wife and I. He called us to Yucaipa, Ca to impact the lives of students at First Baptist Church Yucaipa. Through this entire process (more specifically the entire year) I learned to focus my ministry passion to this statement: I’m highly relational and service driven. This year has given me the opportunity to see ministry from a different lenses, and for that I’m grateful.

Graphic Design– Ever since I was a kid I loved to draw. My parents never really encouraged me to pursue something in art, but as I close this 30th year in my life, I soon realized that God has given me an eye for graphic design. This has played a huge part in my ministry in creating professional and creative ways of exchanging ideas to people. 2010 was the year that I took graphic design seriously, and when I say “seriously” what I mean is that I independently studied graphic design theory and practiced, practiced, practiced!!! Although this continues to be a constant academic pursuit, I love it.

I can only imagine what God has in store for House Miller in 2011…


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