Walking into darkness…wait maybe it’s light.

What is the first thing you think of when I say the word “faith?” What sort of emotions rise up and stir the soul? Better question would be “what doesn’t happen” when you think about faith? This simple word sums up the very existence of religion. It’s the construct in which we as Christians manifest our true identity. It requires action, thought, trust, and love. We have trust in Christ Jesus, a relationship.

In my own life I find this action of faith is something eluding, superficial. This only because I trust God when I have all of the answers, best plans laid out and every scenario well thought; but that’s really not faith is it? Faith requires us to close our eyes and walk into what we think as darkness, or at least that’s what we think anyway. But the truth in the matter is that it’s really not darkness we’re walking into, how can we trust God and think that his presence is void of light? I find that there’s a connection between faith and God’s presence. When we truly surrender to God and usher in the element of faith into our lives, we are filled with his presence. We invite him to draw nearer to us.  The by-product of this is light, not in an ordinary light bulb producing sort of way, but in a spiritual orientation sort of way. God takes our hand and walks through the unknown, however we must keep our eyes closed!!! Did you see the connection? When we open our eyes we say to God “let me take it from here” when in reality this is the very thing that dissolves our faith. Trust is a hard thing to grasp.

In this moment of my life, I find that I’m challenging the opportunity of faith and trust. Before me is God calling me to trust and close my eyes, but with every fiber of my being I’m reluctant. I want to know all the answers before I take his hand. I want a detailed plan of action, when God just wants me to simply surrender and trust in his guidance and presence. Why is this so hard?

Then I read Psalms 37….

I will walk into the darkness with my eyes closed, hands clenched tight onto the One that leads me.


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