Washed Out is (will be) the new Owl City

Back in October of 2007 I downloaded an EP by the relativity unknown Owl City. Stating that it was “fun to listen to while working” I knew there was something intriguing by this band. Perhaps we can blame my father and mother for creating a perfect storm in me when I seek out fantastic electronic music. It makes sense that in my childhood I would sit listen to my father play the enigmatic bands on the record player such as: Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Tangerine Dream, and the Police that I would be destined to appropriate electronic music. This deep affinity for anything electronic was also solidified by my mother’s love of disco and 80’s new wave, again I can remember listening to: Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears, and Depehce Mode on the way to school. My love of music manufactured by synthesizers is deeply rooted in my history.

What does this mean?

Remember back in October 2007 when I sarcastically showcased Owl City? What happened to Owl City? The band exploded!!! Evidently I have an uncommon knack for finding great electronic music. Clearly there was something about Owl City. However, since the band has achieved international acclaim they no longer have an affinity with the hipster subculture. Sad day.

What happens now?

Just as I showcased Owl City in 2007, I’m going to show case another band I think might be something in the next year. Perhaps he’s already made it, but within the realm of electronica, he’s a heavy hitter. Allow me to introduce to you….



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