Faith and Skateboarding

I remember when I got my first skateboard, my sister broke it. I remember when I bought my first Christian skateboarding t-shirt, the washing machine destroyed it. I remember when I became a Christian at 16, my old life was obliterated and my new self was to take hold.

Often think back at the times of when I was into skateboarding and reminded myself of how unusual it was to be a skateboarder and a Christian at the same time. Like was a living oxymoron. However, my passion (and lack of skill) kept my desire to hit the pavement constant. There was faith and skateboarding.

Although, I hardly skateboard now and when I do it looks like a second run circus show, I still love it. Although the style and setting has drastically changed over the years, I still think of faith and skateboarding.

Here’s a great article…


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