M83…an 80’s Music Masterpeice!


In today’s day in age, it’s a rarity to find 80’s throwbacks that are decent. It seems that everyone want’s to be on the 80’s music/new wave bandwagon. Very few are capable of capturing the essence of what made 80’s music so magical. One exception is M83. With their 5th album Saturdays = Youth, they create a shoegazing/dream pop masterpiece. The entire album sounds like something that should have ended up on a John Hughes film. Filled with reverbed guitars, lush vocals and layered, yet danceable synths, M83 creates a romantic, yet dark portrayal of love and pain, hate and happiness. This album will change the way you look at 80’s music. Enjoy :.)

Songs worthy of a gander:

  • Kim & Jesse
  • Couleurs*
  • Dark Moves to Love
  • Midnight Souls Still Remain

*my personal favorite!


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