The Gifts

berlin 2

It’s been over seven years since I’ve taken a spiritual gifts test, so in the interest of streamlining some things in my life and getting ready for life change, I decided to revisit the test again to see if God has matured me in some form or fashion. Not only was this a gifts test, it was also a personality test. This peice of work took me about two hours to complete…can we say comprehensive. Anyway, here’s what the test told me about myself.

Spiritual Gift Profile

  1. Discernment– evidently I have the wonderful ability to discern between truth and fiction, when someone is telling the truth and when someone is lying. I find this to be true in my life. I’d be surprised how many times I walk away from a conversation knowing that the person just straight up lied to me.
  2. Pastor/Shepherd- Makes sense since I’m happy doing what I do. I love what I do, but not always the politics that come with work. I like relationships and how they grow.
  3. Knowledge- Evidently I’m capable of understanding “certain facts in the mind of God” thus a revelation of certain facts. From what I gather this is not just merely “knowing loads of things” but being available to God to be used to understand circumstances in one’s lives.

Personality Profile

  1. Passive/Reserved- my basic motivation is stability and support.
  2. Passive/People-oriented- Biblical example: Moses

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