So Much History…

Summer Camp 2006 134.1

As I sit here in my office rummaging through old youth ministry photos, I am reminded of how much history there is in this junior high ministry. I can remember when I first walked through the doors of D100 as a volunteer…having no clue that this land of craziness would soon become my destiny.  I can remember how excited I was and at the same time, completely freaked out. This is where God had placed me.

Club MU 06' 019

As I look through these pictures I can see relationships. I can see investments into the lives of students, some of which never turned out to be fruitful (I guess some are called to be seed planters, waters, and harvesters) which others turned out to be amazing men and women of God. I am so proud.

Summer Camp 2006 128.1

As I look though these pictures I am reminded of my many hair-brained ideas. You know, the events that were exciting and the ones that achieved nothing other than eating up budget. How things have changed, and how much I have learned. I can’t believe I actually programmed some of these events.


As I look though these pictures I see something that I praise God for…consistency and trust. So many times I hear of people that use youth ministry (more specifically junior high ministry) as a stepping stone. This in itself is not wrong, but too many times our students are caught in the crossfire of personal ministry goals. That’s why when God told me that it would be junior high ministry till I die…a smile appeared. I am thankful for being where I’m at, the relationships I have made with students and parents alike. The amazing people I work with, the incredible team I work with, the crazy creatures we call middle school students…I am blessed.

Summer Camp 2006 065


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