Man Vs Wild 2009: Highlights & Lowlights

Man Vs Wild 2009 039


  • The same amout of students that went came home, meaning we didn’t loose anyone. Although, there were some students that I wouldn’t have minded leaving on the hill…just joking.
  • On the teaching aspect, I went on a different track then originally had planned. I used a tomahawk as a object lesson; it looked better in my head. I talked about what the world would be consider a man to be, then read Galatians 5: 22-23 “the fruits of the spirit.” The whole idea was to show that a “real man” possesses these qualities. Real men are gentle, and kind. Yet are adventurous and aggressive. I think the boys got it.
  • I got connect with two dads that demonstrate what real men of God looks like. These guys are awesome; great servants heart, dedicated, kind. I’m blessed to have known David and Nathan.
  • Being able to hang out in God’s creation. This place was beautiful…look at the pictures for confirmation.


  • I became super sick on Friday night. Vomiting and the somethings else bascially kept me up all night. This effected the entire next day.
  • I wasn’t able to summit the peak (see above). I made to the cabin, but wasn’t able to physically do it. Think vomiting with every step.
  • There were some students that were unable to hike with the group the next day due to asthma or something else.
  • Drama for you mama. This almost became a girls retreat…urg!
  • Having to driving students home that live all over creation at the level of exhaustion…not one of my favorite things to do, but comes with the territory.

Man Vs Wild 2009 014

Before the hike to camp.

Man Vs Wild 2009 018

Stomping through the woods…

Man Vs Wild 2009 041

God is an amazing creator!


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