Things I like…

Here are few of my favorite things.

3 Ring Binders- for some reason I love these things. Being partially type A I like information organized, so this helps make information uniform and organized. I also organize my 3 ring binders by color.

Moleskin Journals- I love these things! I own two regular journal, then a plethora of paper refills. Call me weird (because I know you do…) but there’s something about these journals that bring out the creative juices. Maybe it’s the fact that they have been used decades, by some of the most profound writers of we’ve known.

Trees- Again, no rhyme or reason here. I would venture that most people like trees, but in my case the joy they bring is quite substantial. I love the fact that create shade, come in various sizes and shapes, have been the cornerstone of technology since the beginning of time. I also love when the sun breaks through the leaves during the early moments of the morning.

Maps- I love maps! Call me a cartographer I don’t care. I don’t own that many maps, but the ones I do have are amazing. There’s something about looking at political boundaries, natural boundaries, where culture flourished and where it didn’t.

what are some of your favorite things?


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