Planet Wisdom: Winter Retreat 2009

Sorry for the delay…here are the highlights and lowlights of our winter excursion. enjoy!


  • Planet Wisdom is legit! The programming was incredible, Dutton was amazing, Skit Guys…side splitting.
  • It was close to Riverside. For some reason this offered comfort to me.
  • The breakfast at the hotel was great. I’m not talking continental, we’re talking: eggs, bacon, sausage, country potatoes, coffee, juice, rice, seaweed, some sort of Korean deal, oatmeal, cereal, etc.
  • Epic pillow fight at 2am.
  • Amazing parents, fellow youth pastors and girlfriends jumped in to help a brother out!
  • Witnessing God work in the lives of students.
  • Calling my father for automotive advice and having him diagnose the problem over the phone. The man is amazing!


  • The Mall of Orange. Whoever designed the parking lot to this place needs to be lit on fire.
  • Chinese restaurants that look like fast food but are not.
  • Traffic in Orange County.
  • The hotel staff at the Holiday Inn…straight up rude!!!
  • A church van that wouldn’t start.
  • Pillow fights at 2am.
  • Creepy hotel security staff that look high and can’t speak any English.
  • Hotel ice machines and junior high students.

Things I learned

Communication– I need to be better at this. I feel that I communicate fairly well, but often times will leave information ambiguous as not to frustrate people. Meaning, if I make it sound easy you’ll do it. Perhaps, too many times I’ve gotten those “I have to do that…?” kind of responses from people, and that I try to make it sound easy.  At the end of the day, regardless of what I tell people or ask them for help, I need to be clear and direct, but founded in gratitude.

This is no Substitution- Because of the economy I decided to do something different and look for a cheaper way to recreate a winter camp experience. I was greatly disappointed in my findings. Although Planet Wisdom was an amazing conference it wasn’t winter camp…no matter how I spun it. It lacked that closeness you get from winter camp. The snow, the conversations in the cabin, the horrible camp food. However, Planet Wisdom would be an excellent get retreat for a small group.

My Attitude- I don’t do well with two things: being late and traffic. It’s interesting how both of these elements compliment each other. Friday night I was short and somewhat angry…but mostly disappointed in myself. I like to run a tight ship and when things don’t go as planned I have a hard time letting go. I tend to get very sarcastic and at times rude. Only a few students have seen me extremely frustrated, mostly those in my small group, and it was obvious that I was under enormous amounts of stress this past weekend. I think everyone got to see me torn the soul and desperately wanting to God to clear the air…he totally did!


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