Things that surprise me


I tend to think a lot, and today I realized how much simple things surprise me. Here they are:

I am surprised by…

  • How clean the bathrooms are in the Junior high area. You can imagine how foul those restrooms could get, yet those bathrooms are some the only facilities I feel comfortable using. Who would have thought?
  • How much I am dependent on coffee.
  • How much I feel so old (at times) and yet I feel so young (at times).
  • How emotional I can be. Yes folks Lucas does express emotions.
  • How much God’s word is moving. I know this, but it’s exhilarating when you see it in action.
  • How little I have blogged this year.
  • How much I love Twitter.
  • How much I eat out.
  • How much I miss my dog (see #5).
  • How much I love the people I work with.
  • How much I enjoy eating raw coffee beans.
  • How much I need more alone time with God.

what surprises you?


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