elements-posterTonight we are doing an element worship night. Here are a few things I hope happens tonight and doesn’t for that matter. It sends shivers down my spine to know that we (I) love and serve the ancient God.

What I hope happens…

  • Students will conncet with God in a way that’s ancient and mysterious.
  • Students will open their hearts to God and know that they are loved.
  • Students will appreciate the simple joys of simple elements.
  • Students will be able to refine their relationship with the living God.

What I hope doesn’t happen…

  • I can think of a few students who just don’t care, and since they don’t care they want everyone else not to either. I hope (and pray) that they will experience something amazing or keep the distrations down to a minimum.
  • I pray that no one gets sick from the incense.
  • I hope (and pray) that we don’t burn the place down.
  • I hope we have enough time to complete each station.

Make no mistake…our jr. highers will be traveling to a place they (probably) never been to before. God is there waiting for them. I can’t wait to depart.


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