The Hat: A Review


Imagine yourself with stomach pains that only Ethiopian children could relate to as you walk into The Hat.  Since 1951 the Hat has been serving up hot pastrami sandwich with a vengeance.  The famous sandwich comes bloated with hot pastrami and mustard on a french roll.   Now, I wasn’t feeling pastrami last night so I ordered the hot beef dip sandwich. When they called my number I quickly grabbed my bag and when on the hunt for a place to eat.  As I sat down and took the sandwich out of the bag, my heart sank. I couldn’t believe my eyes…where they deceiving me? Certainly a $8 beef dip had more to offer.


The sandwich was absolutely pathetic. Irish families ate more during the famine than there was meat in the sandwich. As I looked at my friend who order the pastrami…there was night and day difference. While his sandwich had meat exploding from it, mine looked like it was Karen Carpenter.  Although the beef dip was not horrible tasting, having to remind myself that I paid $8 for this and it didn’t even come with french fries literally killed me.  I drank the cup of au jures sauce just to make it seem kind of worth the amount I paid.

I ended up going to Chick-Fil-A to grab a chicken sandwich…they never disappoint.  So, if your in the mood for something super expensive and really mediocre…then the Hat’s beef dip is for you.


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