Churches…sometimes they just don’t get it.

This article was used today in our bible study.  We were talking about church, what it is, and why sometimes they split.   A friend gave this article to me.  As I was picking my jaw off the ground and frantically searched to see if this was in fact a joke…it wasn’t.  What your about to read actually happened at a church.  Wow…sometimes they just don’t get it.

GREELEY — A little Jewish praise word caused a lot of controversy as a Colorado church, divided over the proper spelling of ‘hallelujah,’ split up and re-formed as separate congregations.
The problem arose when the board of elders at Full Gospel Temple budgeted money for a praise banner to hang from the sanctuary ceiling bearing the word “hallelujah,” or “alleluia.” One faction insisted the word be spelled the first way, while the other wouldn’t budge from the second way. Petitions were drawn up, rallies held and late-night threats received by both sides. One man, an “alleluia” supporter, was nearly clobbered by a rock that came through his window. The rock bore a note that said, simply, “hallelujah!”
Both sides were adamant that since they had grown up with a particular spelling, theirs was correct.
“It makes a tremendous difference, when you open your eyes and see it there on the banner spelled wrong,” said a hallelujah supporter. “It’s so jarring to see it without the ‘h’ at the beginning. Nobody spells it that way anymore.”
“I was so sick about it I couldn’t sleep,” said Evelyn Haney, 57, an equally ardent ‘alleluia’ supporter who carried a sign during a recent day of picketing. “To think some people spell this wonderful word with a ‘j’ in it. It’s not something where I question their salvation, but at times you have to wonder.”
The two churches now meet in separate school auditoriums, and each has fashioned a banner to suit its own preference. Worship, says one parishioner, is “much better now.”

For more info and other information click here!

Evidently…this was fake.


3 thoughts on “Churches…sometimes they just don’t get it.

  1. nlovato says:

    Dude, Lark News is a Christian satire site…..all fake stories.

  2. nlovato says:

    and that was Mike, not Nicole posting there by the way.

  3. Lucas says:

    I know…I realized this about two hours after posting this. Milton printed the article but failed to mention that this was satire. I’m leaving it up…it’s just too funny now that I think about it.

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