Middle School Humor #2

On Monday during our small group outing the topic of Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers came up…yeah that’s a surprise.  The guys were kind of poking fun at the teen celebrities.  One of the funniest moments in my tenure at MAG happened that night when this conversation took place.

Me: So David…how’s your girlfriend? (jokingly)

David: You’re girlfriend is Hannah Montana!

Donny: No she dating one of the Jonas brothers.

Me: What…?

David: What would happen if Hannah Montana and one of the Jonas brothers had a kid? (mind you this would be in the context of marriage)

Me: what?

David: Joanna.

Me: (Rolling on the floor laughing, freaking side-splitting.)

Donny: I don’t get it.

These moments are what life is all about…maybe not.


2 thoughts on “Middle School Humor #2

  1. I think that is hilarious

  2. sassy98 says:

    Okay, I have to admit. I had to read this 2 times before I understood it, then I laughed for 5 minutes 🙂 I bet you have a blast with these kids…I can’t wait to be a teacher.

    It was good seeing you at Thanksgiving! I hope I get to see ya again soon!


    PS – I have a Tumblr now if you want to check that out as well 🙂 … http://sassy-spacey.tumblr.com/

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