My Bucket List

Last night I had dinner with some friends and the subject of a “Bucket List” came up. I’ve been working on my bucket list for some time now, and am now able to share this with those who actually read this ridiculous blog.  Each item on the list is NOT in any specific order, and may seem random.  Please note that each entry is well-thought out and could be seen as extravagant. Enjoy!

Before I die, I want to…

  1. Travel to Ireland and see where my family actaully lived.
  2. Ride a horse in a full-suit of armor.
  3. Have a library in my home.
  4. Get married.
  5. Eat dinner at the Fog City Diner.
  6. Own a vineyard.
  7. Work in a coffeehouse.
  8. Ski in the Swiss Alps.
  9. Father 3 kids.
  10. Make chocolate in Belgium.
  11. Buy a tie from Barneys.
  12. Learn to speak Norwegian.
  13. Read old manuscripts inside the Vatican.
  14. Drive a 64′ mini cooper.
  15. Camp in the Australian outback.
  16. Run in a marathon.
  17. Be a member on a city committee.
  18. Learn Kendo.
  19. Teach my children the ancient art of putting others first.
  20. Write a book.
  21. Help an old lady across the street.
  22. Hike through Spain’s mountain region.
  23. Ice Skate in New York during Christmas.
  24. Kiss my wife (whoever she is…where are you?) in the rain.
  25. Eat dinner at Disney’s Club 33.
  26. Take my nephew surfing when he’s old enough.
  27. Build a tree house.
  28. Scuba dive in the Caribbean.
  29. Be a in movie.
  30. Foil a bank robbery.
  31. Lead a team of students on an international missions trip.
  32. Design my future house.
  33. Make a gingerbread house for Christmas
  34. Read Lord of the Rings to my children (when they exist) before bed.
  35. Speak at a youth ministry conference about junior high ministry.
  36. Run with the bulls in Spain.
  37. Teach a semester of Medieval history.
  38. Sail around the globe.
  39. Visit Scotland.
  40. Spend Christmas in London.
  41. Own my own restaurant.
  42. Plant a tree.
  43. Live abroad with my family (whoever they will be).
  44. Have dinner with George W. Bush.
  45. Swim with dolphins.
  46. Experience Oktoberfest in Munich Germany.
  47. Live in a castle for 3 months.
  48. Learn the Romans Road in Irish Gaelic.
  49. Build a snow fort.
  50. Adopt a dog from a shelter.

One thought on “My Bucket List

  1. sassy98 says:

    You have some really great stuff on here!

    I should think about mine :-/


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