10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Here are 10 things people don’t know about me.  Some are more revealing than others…but hey…I’m just being real.

10) I Hate Turkey Stuffing- Yes that’s right…I can’t stand stuffing.  It makes me vomit.

9) I love Maps– I love cartography.  More specifically I love old historical maps.  The older the better.

8) I Hate the Sound of People Masticating– The sound of someone chewing, crunching, or basically eating loudly drives me up the wall.  What is even worse are those that cluck when they chew…God!

7) I Have to Read Something When I Take a Dump– whether it be a magazine, a book, the Bible, the back of mouthwash bottle…I must be reading something.  I have pulled things out of my wallet to read when I didn’t have an official reading material.

6) I Cry at least Once a Week- I don’t when this really came about (maybe in the last year or so) but I’ve become quite the crybaby.  I cry over everything…the economy, life, sin, ministry, sin, gas prices, etc.  It’s weird, but when I’m weeping as I have a chit-chat with God, I feel loads better, not to mention closer to Him…I know weird.

5) I am Really Good at Reading People – Call it a gift or call it what you want, but I love to read people. Their body language, tension in their voice, eye contact, even the words they use are huge indicators in what they are really saying, wanting or the like. Try and lie to me and see what happens…

4) I Had a Cancer Scare this Year– Let me clarify…I don’t have cancer, or at least the doctor told me I didn’t have it.  In June I got real sick (it was a nasty flu) but it inflamed lymph nodes in my groin area.  I thought I was going to die, or at least lose the confidence of having kids.

3) I Have Been Working on Two Writing Projects– Within the last year I have been working (also known as writing) on a fantasy novel and a book on my experiences in middle school ministry. When they’re release you will be the first to know.

2) My Parents Made Me Take a Language Class on Irish– I don’t know why…wait yes I do- my father.  I can’t remember much other than is unbelievably difficult, completely un-phonetic, and sounds beautiful when spoken.  I am able to order a pint in the Irish if I needed to.

1) I Have International Contingecny Plans– This means that I have the funds and logstics to leave to Britian or Ireland if needed.  This is based soley upon friends and family that live abroad.  Of course I would never activate these plans unless I was actually overseas and was in need of help.


One thought on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. 10) I Love Turkey Stuffing… Could not live with out it!!!
    9) I have several maps charted with routes across countries that i will travel.
    8) The sound of people chewing will piss me off if not handled, it is the most annoying sound ever.
    7) I poop to quick to need any distractions. In and Out baby, that’s what i do.
    6) I do not cry very often except when Laura was pregnant, I cried at almost everything then. Hormones really do effect guys. No Lie!
    5) I think I can read people fairly well, but more so I can see change in people appearances. Hair cut, new clothes, nails even sad happy mad stuff.
    4) Holy crap that would be scary!!! Anything but the man area…
    3) I have been looking for some one to write a screenplay who wants to co-direct a short film… Are you interested? seriously!
    2) Irish or Gaelic?
    1) So is this because of Paranoia, Parents are complex Preparation?

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