Guys Retreat Recover…

I’m sitting here in my office licking my wounds from this weekend’s adventure, that’s the only thing I can call it.  It was shotgun blast of energy from start to finish, and it was amazing.  Here are my infamous highlights and lowlights.


  • It was a guys event only.  An event where everything was planned specifically for guys.  Everything from the lessons, to the games, to the food was designed with guys in mind.
  • The lessons were great, at least the two I didn’t facilitate.  My small group of 7th grade boys really opened up and talked about real-life issues they struggle with as a result of what they learned from the lessons. I sit here beaming in my office.
  • The food was great!  The leader that coordinated the food did an amazing job.  I don’t think we had anything left over.  That’s one way of determining whether it was a guys retreat…there’s no food left.
  • Hanging with guys I’ve known since they were little 7th graders who were now juniors and seniors in high school.  It was also to fun to hang with those who had little brothers currently in junior high.
  • Night-time game of capture the flag…one word: EPIC!  Chase gets the award for best implemented plan of the night.  Good work!
  • Seeing two leaders step and make the whole weekend a success.  These guys were absolutely amazing! Things that needed to get done, picked up, or cleaned…they were there to model a servant’s heart.  They were spot on!
  • Paintball: sniping junior high guys as they run like girls through the orange groves…good times!


  • We (kind of) ran out of hamburgers and hot dogs. Not quite sure how that happened but it did.
  • Students and soda.  We ran out like 3 times, and I kept finding half-drunk cans all over the place.  Why do students develop amnesia when it come to cans of soda?
  • Braking dogs and barking students. When its 3am is it necessary to bark and scream?  Really…is it?
  • Paintball is messy trying to get started and a disaster to clean.
  • Students that bring unreliable equipment.  Check the gear before you bring it.
  • Black widows…this place was crawling with them…I literally had a heart attack when one of our JH leaders came rolling up with one at the tip of a stick.  I think i crapped my shorts…not even kidding!!!
  • JH boys stink like after 5 hours…and these guys didn’t bring Axe body spray.  Thank God for the swimming pool.  Some of them…holy cow…vomit-ville!

Overall it was a great retreat. Students conneted with God, memories were made, and fun times remain.  Can’t wait till next year.


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