Call me Samuel…

Does God ever do things that make you think…WOW? Within the last two months he has been doing things like this in my life. I have tossed many aside as “weird,” however, this past week at Centri-Kid he did something that kind of freaked me out.

It was 2am on Wednesday morning and I suddenly woke up. I don’t how or why I was completely conscious, but I knew something was wrong. I got up and walked down the dorm room hallway to check on the students. I opened one door to find three older students pulling a prank on a younger student (when I say younger I mean like not even in 4th grade). Without going into detail the prank involved warm water and a hand.  I had no clue that this was going on…not a clue!!!  Who wakes up from a dead sleep to stop something from happening???

Now, my philosophy on pranks is don’t do them (generally); I do sometimes make exceptions. Those exceptions follow a strict code of conduct:

  1. it can not destroy property, harm, or hurt a person in anyway
  2. it needs to be done to someone of the same age group
  3. it must be approved/supervised by a leader
  4. the person must be okay with it

With that said, I see why I was woken up…maybe by God, who knows. We are called to safeguard the helpless, and this little guy didn’t do anything to warrant such a prank. I’m glad that I was able to stop this from going any further. I can only imagine what the fallout would have been in the morning.

we are corrupted from the womb…you can call me Samuel.


2 thoughts on “Call me Samuel…

  1. gbrad says:

    “We’re cursed from our birth, sinning from the beginning.
    The womb to the tomb, depraved to the grave.
    Astray everyday, every breath brings death.
    In Adam all die, in Adam all die.

    We’re rebels like the Devil, schemin’ like demons,
    private with our idols, disgustin’ with our lustin’.
    Twisted and sin sick, selfish and helpless
    In Adam all die, in Adam all die.”

    shai linne “The Atonement”

  2. gbrad says:

    I will pray . . .

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