A New Kind of Budget

I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership, volunteers, leading people, etc., and I began to think about “what ifs” in the context of ministry budgets.  Now I have heard of this idea but never seen it in action.  What if a large portion (let’s say at least 75%) of your ministry budget was to recruit, equip and train volunteers in your ministry?  Here are some initial thoughts I’ve had:

  • would spending more money on volunteers produce a better (healthy) student ministry?
  • would programming take a nose-dive in quality, consistency, excitement on only 25% of your annual budget?
  • has this ever been done?
  • what do volunteers look like after being involved in a leadership structure like this?
  • How do students react to this?  Do they even know?
  • Would parent’s become more proactive in helping?

what are you thoughts?


One thought on “A New Kind of Budget

  1. gbrad says:

    Seems to me that if all minds are headed in a similar thinking direction then things would change simply from how people approached situations, like ministry for example. Like we’d all see the value in building for the kingdom by training up godly children instead of “good” children and serving others with love . . . Agape love.

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