The New Breed…of Volunteer’s

I’m reading this new book called The New Breed” by Jonathan & Thomas McKee. It is awesome! Great insight into the dynamics of today’s volunteers. Here’s something that struck me silly:

By playing video games, they [Generation @] learned that when you win, you’re automatically promoted to the next level. So they’re impatient t move up the organizational leadership chart. When this generation completes a task, they want to know, “Where’s the next challenge?” or “When do I get to be in charge.” (pg. 57)

This really brings to light many facets of leadership. When I sit and wonder why a leader did that or isn’t doing something, this perspective helps me understand…Dr. Mobley’s favorite word: CONTEXT! I always seem to forget context in how a volunteer filters information, ideas, life, leadership…the list can go on. Today’s generation @ seem to process into in way that is…well…odd. But it works for them.

Video games that help shape a person’s leadership worldview…never thought about it. But, yeah it totally fits in what I see in volunteers today. Never knew Zelda was shaping our future so explicitly.

But seriously…who do you deal/respond to impatience?


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