Masculine vs. Feminine

I have weird question to propose to those who read this.  Is it our responsibility as male youth workers to make male students more masculine?  Allow me to give some context in why I ask this question.

Imagine you have a guy in your youth ministry who is extremely feminine.  Everything from his physical mannerisms (not physical features), interests, and social interactions with others scream feminine.  He has the typical family dynamic, single mom, no father.  He exhibits strong faith qualities and is a Christ follower.  However, you notice that his social interaction with others and staff is extremely awkward and often distracting to others.

I ask this question because I want to know if it’s our responsibility as men to make his kid more like a guy.  Is it wrong to want him to be socially accepted and less awkward…more masculine?

Your thoughts?


One thought on “Masculine vs. Feminine

  1. gbrad says:

    I believe we, as male Christian leaders, must find the scripturally based reference for a “manly disposition” I mean the apostles preached Christ to eunuchs but there’s no evidence that they behaved like them. GOD does all the work anyway for “no man comes to Christ lest the Spirit draws him” So even though his “awkwardness” may prove socially “peculiar” prayer and fasting will yield true revelation on this matter; for us and the youth. And mentoring . . . well . . . that a different beast altogether.

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