Girls Kissing Girls…what?!?!?!

There is this song on the radio that really makes me weep for the future. Youth culture guru Walt Muller has a really interesting perspective on this.

What really scares me is the notion that heterosexuality is becoming something that is wrong or old school.  As evident in recent additions to the media (Will & Grace, Queer Eye for the Straight guy, the song in mention) I feel that homosexuality is more tolerated than the conventional orientation.  Now, I say this to express my opinion.  However, I must also confess that I still care and love all of God’s children regardless of one’s sin.  But, I must express my concern for young people of today.  As my worldview is dictated by God’s word, I must be become aware of what happening around me and as God would have me.
What happens when (by some weird chance) it is illegal to be straight?  What happens when a person who is living an active homosexual lifestyle wants to be the senior pastor, youth pastor, etc. of a church.  What does scripture say?


One thought on “Girls Kissing Girls…what?!?!?!

  1. gbrad says:

    Isn’t there some scripture that says somethin’ ’bout in the last days they will call good evil and evil good? (I can’t find it, please help me) Remember this is only the beginning of birth pangs . . .

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