The 7 Characteristics if Exceptional Volunteers

I just read this and felt that I needed to share it with those read this blog.  This was taken from the July/August Youthworker Journal magazine, and was written by Jim Candy (not be confused with John Candy the actor):

  1. Great Volunteers Practice Remarkable Relational Intentionally
  2. Great Volunteer See Parent’s as Partners
  3. Great Volunteers Have Not Been Intentionally Trained
  4. Great Volunteers Exhibit Three Common Personality Traits (high on sympathy, high on agreeableness, low on anger)
  5. Great Volunteers Discover Roles that Fit Them Perfectly
  6. Great Volunteers Seek to Build a Caring Network of Adults
  7. Great Volunteers Have Received Great Encouragement from Youth Staff

Your thoughts…?


One thought on “The 7 Characteristics if Exceptional Volunteers

  1. Pete Wilson says:

    Great list Lucas. Thanks.

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