Summer Camp recap

I normally like to post camp experiences as soon as possible, however this was not the case with this camp; we’ll get into that later. Overall, I felt HUME: SD was good, not great, but good. Here are few reasons why and why I think not so much:


  1. Camp by the beach (sort of). The camp was located on Point Loma Nazarene University. Beautiful scenery.
  2. The speaker was absolutely AMAZING! When I first heard that HUME was going to talk about having sound doctrine to middle school students my first reaction was “…right…” then to “…you’re joking right…” God used Chuck to teach the bible.
  3. Hanging with some new students. There were a few students that I got connect with and see what they’re like outside of the normal mid-week program. One word: crazy.


  1. The cost. Although camp was average in price, parents didn’t think so.
  2. Attendance. We had 14 spots to fill, we and filled 10. Not terrible, but it would have been great to make that quota.
  3. extra costs for activities. All the fun stuff cost extra. So on top of spending $330 just to send their kids to camp, parents had to pay for them to do fun things. The beach was free.
  4. Transportation to activities. This was horrendous. We boarded a bus only find out that we would have 45 minutes of beach time before we had to leave. Our students waited most of their free time waiting for the “freaking” bus to take them to free time.
  5. I got sick while at camp.  This prevented me from recapping earlier.

One thought on “Summer Camp recap

  1. gbrad says:

    I truly feel it was nice of you point out the “highlights” – the camp seemed like . . . well since I can’t say anything nice . . . I will pray

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