Night ride to Tehachapi…

So…yesterday morning I woke up rather earlier than I had expected. So as I sat in my room I came to the conclusion that I was going to drive home that night, instead of morning (which would have been today). Only problem is that I really hate driving at night, and so do my parents (hate me driving at night). So after what seemed like a hasty message ( I was on the stage at 7:46) I few home. My parent’s did not know of decision to leave for home that night, and where throughly surprised to see walk through the front door at 10:15pm.

They put on the pot of coffee for me…good to be home :.)


2 thoughts on “Night ride to Tehachapi…

  1. gbrad says:

    Praise GOD you arrived safely

    grace and peace

  2. Lucas says:

    totally! God is good, all the time!!!

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