Summer Camp

In four hours I leave for summer camp in the lovely San Diego, CA. I’m excited about camp and the intentionally that God has brought to this trip already. We didn’t make our quota for number of students we wanted to take. Most of the low numbers were due to a few interesting issues: cost, time, and school.

The cost is average as compared to most summer camps these days.Yet with today’s economy I can see how parent’s are looking at summer camp as a something that can be dismissed so easily. I wonder if advertising in February would have helped. I wonder if camp were cheaper if it would make any difference. I wonder what it would be like if people were excited about these “types” of things as I am.

I have no doubt that camp will be amazing (as normal) and pray that our students will have a safe and life-changing moment. I can’t help but to mention that something is vary strange about this year’s registration, or should I say the lack of registration. I know is going to do something amazing…something we haven’t seen yet. I can’t really explain this weird feeling I have, but it’s something of waiting….


One thought on “Summer Camp

  1. gbrad says:

    Prayin’ for you Bruh’ Check this post (“What Now?”)

    grace and peace

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