10 things do other than Twitter…

10- Helping out at homeless shelter

9- Drink an entire bottle of Tabasco sauce

8- Read the bible

7-  Eat sushi in Oklahoma (how far is the ocean again…?)

6- Fast for 40 days while camping out in front of In-&-Out

5- Hit middle school students in the head with medicine balls (helmet provided)

4- Cut off your finger, inject it with syphilis, and re-attach it

3- Go to the beach for 12 hours without wearing sunccreen

2- Watching a High School Musical marathon

1- Swim in  San Diego with steaks stitched to your wet suit


2 thoughts on “10 things do other than Twitter…

  1. sassy98 says:

    8- Read the bible

    ^ That is my mom’s number one answer when we tell her we’re bored.

    You have some interesting things on that list…have you done any of them?? 😉


  2. sassy98 says:

    PS- You TOTALLY spelled my name wrong on your Blog Roll … not cool 😛

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