Is it an iPod…no it’s a…?

This is based upon a true story!

A few months ago both our high school and junior high ministries purchased some imac work stations, one word: awesome. So as I enthusiastically opened the computer’s components I glanced and found what I thought was an ipod shuffle. I told Mike (my boss) about it and we thought “what a cool prize to give away.” So we programmed a couple events where students would bring on their un-churched friends and the one who brought the most un-churched friends would win this ipod shuffle.

The Refinery’s event was awesome, but no one won the contest. However, when the high school was getting ready to have their event, Ben (the HS intern) was ransacking Mike’s office looking for the shuffle. I walked in and stated “dude…you have it in your hands…look…” Ben then informed me that “no…dude…that’s a remote for the computer…” We really had no ipod shuffle to give away…only imac computer remotes! I don’t even know if the students really found out about this mishap. God help when they do!!!

I’m officially an idiot!


One thought on “Is it an iPod…no it’s a…?

  1. gbrad says:

    You think you’re an idiot?! What about the bozo who designed a remote for a computer? I don’t see any keyboard on it. And what about a mouse? and what about . . . hold up . . . maybe I’m the idiot . . . what does the remote actually control?

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