Why my job is awesome!

I read this post from Yahoo and it made me think about my job and how much it really is kind of cool.  Yahoo basically gave 5 reasons to get fired from your job by misusing the computer.  Here are my counterpoints to each of these issues.

1) I am encouraged to Blog.  In fact, most youth pastors might lose their job if they don’t own a blog (joking).  I am privileged to work in a field that utilizes blogs and such as a method of communication and processing of informations and ideas.

2) Okay, who hasn’t play a 10 minute game of Free Tetris?  Really, who can get through those boring meetings about numbers, budgets, pot lucks and other white rabbit conversations without some game play?  When I’m caught playing a game I just pull the “I’m studying youth culture, and this is my research” card.  Works every time.

3) I’m assuming connotation is somewhat sexual.  I don’t think anyone’s life, job, or circumstances should promote this kind of “browsing.”  We must be above reproach.  Looking at pictures on iStockphoto is okay.

4) This is one is really lame.  So, I can’t do the Facebook thing?

5) With the exception of those students that need some hate mail…let’s be encouraging.  So, yes my job requires me to send some “howlers” from time to time.

What are some crazy policies you have to work by?


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