I never thought I’d ever see this…

So today I witnessed something that broke my heart.  I witnessed two youth workers/pastors and a student leader verbally degrade a student in public.  Now, this student was not present, their conversation was past tense.  As I was picking up my jaw off the floor, my heart broke for this student.  How could they talk and engage another student (this kid’s peer) in a conversation that basically made fun of this kid’s social issues and awkwardness! I can’t repeat what they said…let this be known…it made my eyes well up.

I know that I have had conversations with my fellow workers and leaders about students with “special needs,” but never have I engaged other students to poke fun at them, not to mention having a hack on so and so contest.

One word: DISGUSTING!!!  Theses guys have no business being in the trenches. Pray for these guys!!!


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