Stinky Junior High

I was told that needed to blog this…thanks Mike.

As some of you might know, our church is going through a huge remodel. One of the areas that is being remodeled is our junior high space. Basically we getting a face lift (new paint, carpet, some cool toys, etc.). So as we draw closer to our date of finish something occurred to me…junior high students stink. Now I don’t mean in a “I hate junior high students” sort of way, but in the”wow…ever heard of a stick deodorant” kind of way. This issue may only limited to junior high boys, I must confess there have been times where I wanted to gag.

What does this have to do with our remodel?

Well…on Monday I meet with project designer and asked her if there was anyway we could install some commercial grade air-fresheners in our junior high rooms. She smiled and asked why? I told her about how it take minutes for a group of junior high boys to leave their scent. She just laughed and said that this was a really good idea. I mean honestly…have you ever played Wii or Halo with a bunch or junior high guys and then got the whiff? It’ll rock socks off. So…hopefully we can battle stinky junior high students with our new air-fresheners and I won’t have to walk around with a hazmat suit on.


4 thoughts on “Stinky Junior High

  1. pKay says:

    2 true! During high school at the later years, walking past the junior corridors was a BIG no no… especially after the steamy hot lunch hour… I don’t know how the teachers tolerated it!

    Funny enough I remember being their age…. and not remember passing out from noxious fumes…. This is analogus to what scientists call having a: “Tolerance (” Lol


  2. jonesview says:

    So true! My sister just popped her head into the entrance of the gym where the Jr. High dance was toaking place to check on her son and got quite a whif! So funny. It takes them a while for them to get the whole hygene concept.

  3. asad123 says:

    Every junior high schould be equipped with commercial-grade air fresheners.

  4. says:

    Stinky Junior High « Lucas Bloggirum

    lol! What a great idea for jr. high youth rooms!

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