My Leadeship Flaws

This morning as I was thinking about our mid-week program I began to think about my leadership flaws. What I’m about to do it air-out my dirty laundry in hopes that I will further become a better leader.

Perfectionist: It is true…I am a perfectionist. I have this vision in my head of how I want things to look like, perform, etc. This has limited me in a sense that I have not given the opportunity for others to grow in the gifts that they are given. However, I must confess that giving (delegating) responsibility also needs to be given to the right person at the right time. Don’t give away just to give away. The right person needs to own the right element (responsibility). I have learned that things will happen and programs will “suck” (sometimes), but the neat about leadership is the ability to learn from mistakes and move on.

People Pleaser: I love when everyone is happy. It makes me smile and feel like I’m doing a good job. However, things happen and someone is bound to be hurt by a decision, comment, or something I did. People are imperfect and we bring imperfect things to the table. I have to rely on the fact that what I’m doing is based upon the foundation of the Creator, and that I seek His counsel above all. When that happens, regardless of what people think or feel, if this is something that the LORD wants me to do…I’ll it. I really hate this one.

Pessimistic: I tend to be cynical and extremely sarcastic. The sarcasm can be funny at times but the cynicism is something that really prevents me from being the leader that God has called me to be. I find that it’s more of a cooping mechanism for me. I take the negative route and expect the worst rather than relish the challenge or see the goodness in people. I guess its safe to say that I hate surprises. In leadership I tend to over analyze things. I look for the “real” reason a person made a comment or did something, and more often its a negative point of view. I really hate this one too.

Frugal: I tend to be cheap when it comes to leadership. This is a really bad habit. I find the cheapest way to do things…not always the best trait…but not bad at the same time. This has poured out into my perspective of how I judge a man’s worth. Maybe its because of my past experiences or how I have been treated. I tend to think “what is the cheapest way to get ________.” Instead of thinking “this guy/gal deserves to be placed with this or should be paid this.” This is something that very common both personal and denominational. You heard the term “full-time work at part-time pay” right? This something that happens more often than not, and not mainly because a man’s worth is subject to that category a pay scale or responsibility, but to the notion that we devalue a man’s worth. We take the frugal route which really (I think) compromises an opportunity to be an effective leader. Think of this way…I heard this quote before “…What is your secret? Find the RIGHT people and TREAT them well.” Being frugal destroys this concept.

What are your leadership flaws?


One thought on “My Leadeship Flaws

  1. Pete Wilson says:

    Thanks for the transparency. I have 2 out of 4 of your flaws and could add a few more. Being a people pleaser and a perfectionist are two things I struggle with. Just found your blog and really enjoy it. You’ve got a new subscriber.

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