DNow, Giraffes and CattleCalls


This past weekend I helped out at a Discipleship Now weekend at a friend’s church. As I mentioned earlier it was Amazing!!! Everything from the logistics, to the food, to the time I got hang out with some awesome guys. I never seen or been involved in a DNow weekend before so I had idea what was going on, though after seeing the amazing impact it has upon students, I may consider programming a DNow weekend in So Cal.

So my group for the weekend were freaking side-splitting…SO FUNNY! It’s funny how God works. I originally was supposed to lead a group of middle school guys, but instead got plugged into a group of high school guys. They reminded me so much of me and my friends when I was in high school. For example: we play this ice-breaker called “Hot Seat”. Basically its 20 questions on crack. Brice (one of the guys in the group) asked me if I had ever ridden a giraffe into battle. I literally wet myself laughing…freaking random! There was another question which I can’t repeat, but I will say this…WOW! We basically had bible study, snacked on food, played some basketball, played Super Smash Brothers on the Wii, played guitar, and made fun of Fresh Papa D.

I was blessed this past weekend.


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