Skateboarder Vs. Baltimore PD Video!!!

I love law enforcement officers. They protect us from the things we don’t see or want to see. They respond we are in need and are there to help when crap hits the fan. After watching this video…I want to puck. These kids are typical with the “dude” reference, and really didn’t warrant the “officer’s” wrath. This cop really needs to go to anger management. For a full article click here.

I would love some insight and comments from actual lawyers who have seen the video.  Your thoughts would be appreciated.


One thought on “Skateboarder Vs. Baltimore PD Video!!!

  1. Holy Crap!!! It is stuff like that that me and all my friends growing up make us hate the fuzz. I can’t tell you how many times me and my brother Austin have been detained and harassed for being loud, skateboarding, walking home from school, playfully wrestling in our front yard.

    Having gone through five separate law enforcement interviews and was dismissed from every single one of them. If anyone knows me they know that I have great ethic and live by morals. But for them, my pranks in college were too much. Just before my interview the had hired one individual who has a history with weed older than Betty ruble and another individual who has served time. So if this is a mark of quality in our Law Enforcement then whoa!!! Were screwed.

    To be fair I have several Friends in Law Enforcement who are great people.

    Here is an actual new article on the matter. Mr.Baltimore police officer Salvatore Rivieri Dude was suspended… with pay.

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