Church and cell phones, with a little MOTO Q on the side

My phone has been acting up lately…it’s old.  So in various conversations my sister asked me what type of phone would work for me and my job?  As I looked and searched I found one that I absolutely love: the MOTO Q.  Now this has everything I could possibly want or need and is way cheaper than the iPhone, which to me is just a waste, unless you’re into image in that this would tell everyone that your “better” and would be the right phone.  As our conversations progressed, she asked me if the church I work for pays for my phone since it’s used at least 50% (if not more) for work related communications, and I said no.  She said that’s weird.  I never really thought of it, but should the church be responsible for helping or taking care of a cell phone that is used for work related communications? It seems there could be some issues since a cell phone would be used for personal calls too.  Is it fair to use my personal cell for work related calls and be responsible for over charges made these types of calls, text messages, etc?  What are your thoughts?


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