Foul Language

There is nothing more distasteful than using foul language in a restaurant. I really don’t care what a person does in their private lives, but to cuss with such vigor in a public setting, makes me cringe. There are seven college guys talking at a table across the room, and I know everything they are talking about: kegs, beer, sex, drumline, sex, a gay professor, sex, beer, did I mention sex? you get the point.  These are the type of guys that are waiting for someone to say something, just so they can start something. My famous quote “a guy can be all hard and think he’s the crap, but when the bullets fly, they scream like momma ‘s boys..” I wish they guys would just leave…what losers!  What’s worst is the fact that children are present.  Okay, now they’re looking at me…good gravy IT’S ON!!!!


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