Is God requied to do anything?


Today I meet with a friend. This guy pretty much knows me better than anyone outside my family.  He has seen me at my worst, at my best, and somewhere between.  Every time we meet he always leaves me with some sort of theological morsel to chew on.  This time is dealing with God and what “He’s” expected to do.  Think about that…is God required to do anything?  I mean if I pray and ask God to give me a good life…is he required to do so?  A thought my friend proved is that often what we think is God’s will for our lives is not always where we end up.  This is seems both unfair and mysterious at the same time.  True God is bound to nothing and yet is character is unwavering.  Yet, in the complete picture He sees everything we can’t.  So, why would God allow us to experience joy only to remove it?  Is He required to provide joy?  I think the better question is why does it matter if he is or isn’t.  I mean life (at times) sucks.  Does that mean God is required to deliver us?  Look at Paul and his “thorn?”  He asked many times to remove.  Evidently God found it fitting to have it remain.  Why is that?  Is God required to do anything?


3 thoughts on “Is God requied to do anything?

  1. david says:

    Everything exists in pairs – a yin and a yang, if you will. Without the one, the other couldn’t exist. Think about it for a moment: Would you really understand what it was to be warm if you didn’t know what freezing cold felt like? How much more do we appreciate the summer after the cold, bitter winter? Equally, without pain, there would be no pleasure. Why does God let bad things happen? So we more fully appreciate the good things when they come.

    Everything happens for a reason, and despite your statement that this is unfair, I say it is only too fair. Well, to be more exact, the idea of fair and unfair is a very greedy, childish idea. Things just are. They aren’t good or bad, they just are. God allows things to happen that will provoke us in one way or another, but these are neither fair or unfair, they just are (or they are “just”, as the bible might put it—meaning they are exactly what is needed, or exactly what the situation calls for (according to the oxford dictionary))

  2. mykeangelo says:

    I don’t believe God is required to do anything at all. Then again since he is supposed to be all knowing our personal destinies are already mapped out. — Yes, we make all our own choices but in a way our choices are set in his eyes.

    I believe we are entitled to joy as much as we are entitled to life.

    God will put upon us great obstacles and struggles: like death and natural disasters. But he also gives us balanced gifts: childbirth and the sun rising every morning.

    I believe through obstacles or dilemmas we control our joy. We choose to be happy or unhappy.

    Also, if someone dies early in life perhaps their destiny was fulfilled already. Maybe their purpose was to make you and other people realize something.

    I believe we pass and reincarnate through mortal lives (human or non-human) until we’ve learned everything we have to in life to exceed our souls. If God has put greater hardships on someone it is only a test of their faith.

    I remember a story I read somewhere of a Buddhist. He walked very very slow and people around him were getting very upset. They were in a hurry to go about their business. One man stopped and asked the Buddhist, “Why do you walk so slow?” and the Buddhist replied “Well I don’t want to step on any living thing. That ant over there may be someones grandmother.”

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