Brogan: Update #1

Before I get into how Brogan is doing, a little context might help.  Last Friday (the 4th) my sister’s water broke and went to the hospital.  Now, I think doctors should know a little something about the human body, but after briefly examining her, they stated that she had urinated and that her water did not break.  However, one doctor suggested that they should check to see if her bag broke.  Since he was not the primary physician his request fell on deaf ears.  So, they sent her home.

On Tuesday, she went into labor.  After 48 hours of trying to push a 10 pound kid, they decided to preform a c-section.  The nurses were rude to my sister (one actually told her that she is screaming way to loud) and probably will be looking for another job when I’m done with this ordeal.

What does this have to do with Brogan?  Well, remember that Friday when she first when in?  Her bag did tear and for 5 days, little Brogan was exposed to increasing levels of bacteria, thus causing his infection.  Funny thing is that a simple ultrasound would have the tear…yes folks a simple ultrasound!

So, now little Brogan has to spend the next 15 days fighting an infection that could have been prevented, as well as trying to rebuild a hole that developed in his lung, I guess that doctor gets bonus for saving a few bucks on Friday.

Okay, the update:  He’s doing well.  Not able to hold anything down and is responding to the medication.  My sister and brother-in-law are doing well.  They are tried, angry, and covet your prayers.  Please pray that I keep my cool with the doctors.  My sarcasm is in full force and it seems that people are walking away from conversations with me…crying.

More substantial updates and pictures coming soon.  Thanks…


One thought on “Brogan: Update #1

  1. Jess says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I am praying.

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