You have to be kidding me!!!

Check out the link below….you have got to be kidding me!

This makes me sick. Let’s remove religion from this equation and look at it from a secular moral point of view. I can not understand how the rights of “non-transgender” student can be ignored because”we don’t want to offend” people. I can’t imagine a guy walking into a girls locker room because he identifies himself as a female, more so that parents and students are unwelcome to protest. What the hell is going on here!!! This is not normal!!! Guy’s will be claiming “transgender” issues just to relive segments of “porkeys” in their local schools. As to female students are to feel completely appropriate and secure in a locker where a guy walks in with all glory- because he identifies himself as a female, and the girls are not allowed to feel negative emotions!!! This is rubbish!!!  These are dark times we live in.


One thought on “You have to be kidding me!!!

  1. sassy98 says:

    Hey Lucas,

    They talked about this at church last night and have a petition going on trying to stop it. I’ll give ya the website and you can pass it along 🙂

    It was good to see ya yesterday! Hope you can come out and see us during the summer and hopefully before that.


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