Have you ever came to the realization that things are not what they seem? You know that time when the veil is lifted and you see something for what it really is. For the last few weeks, my journey through the forest of disenchantment has left me with many questions. What is God’s will for me, where do I fit in this thing called life, where is that special women that God has for me? Truthfully I have become disenchanted by what I think should be and what ministry, life and relationships actually are. I know what you are thinking right now”…Lucas that’s life bro.” True. But still where’s that joy that I once had? Where’s that feeling that people actually cared for me or where encouragement was actually on the menu?

I read this once ( I forget who said this) “find the right people and treat them well” The context of this statement is based upon leadership. Andy Stanley once said “Leadership is a stewardship: is temporary and we are held accountable for it.” These words speak mounds of what I see lacking. Sure leadership comes and goes, the idea I’m focused on now is being held accountable to it. Wow, if that doesn’t make you crap your pants I don’t know will (maybe some Indian food). We are held accountable! Even those who should be investing into one’s they are in care of. This disenchants me.

Another thought that I have found interesting is this notion of encouragement. It is possible that people have many different perspectives on what is encouraging, however, this is a subjective concept. What I find encouraging is not what my friend would find encouraging. I do believe that as leaders we must be intentional with those we are in care of, and seek out what really encourages them; not arbitrarily throw something in the wind and hope it helps. NO! We are held accountable for those we lead. If a leader is not responding to something you consider to be “encouraging” because it’s convenient. Stop. Rethink. Respond. Leadership is more than what is convenient for a leader but what’s good for the Kingdom. I honestly don’t think God wants us to disregard this idea of leadership and encouragement. People will become disenchanted, and ultimately discouraged.

I pray that I lead people the way that God wants us to lead, and love on them the way He loves us, and glorify Him in all things…

“This should be the good times…”

-Ronnie Martin


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