Worst pub in the world!

Where to start? Let’s talk about the good things about Killarney’s (this should be quick):

– The atmosphere was pleasant, a little over the top though.

Let’s talk about the not so good things about Killareny’s:

– The food was terrible. It was about authentic pub grub as I’m Chinese (my last name is Miller…yes…it’s Irish). The Irish strew was served in a bread bowl. Now, imagine a bread bowl the size of a bowling ball with a table spoon of strew; Irish families ate more during the famine than I ate stew. Should I even mention that it was cold?

– The service was something to be desired. As soon as I ordered my coke, the server attitude changed drastically. I guess the only way to get a pleasant server is to order beer. It took eons to get refills on my soda, and check. She seemed more occupied by the patrons that ordered beer.

– The price of the food was unbelievable! It would have cost me less to actually fly to Dublin for a bowl of stew.

Overall it was a poor excuse for an Irish pub. Yet, those who have never had the pleasure of experiencing an authentic pub really wouldn’t know the difference. I leave you with this: if have lots of money, can drink like a fish in order to obtain proper service and love the southern cali version of authentic Irish society, this the place for you. All others (seasoned pub goers), go to the Royal Falconer!

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