Today a friend reminded me of something that I almost forgot about; time. I am reminded of how time can play a part in how we develop as a person, Christian, or a leader. There are things that we learn only by time. Some people call it seasoned, in which I would have to agree. I am amazed on how time can grow a person. For example: how I deal things in ministry is completely different from last year, not to mention five years ago. Time has seasoned me on how to approach situations. However, the funny thing about time is how much more we have to learn, or should I say “I have to” learn. It makes no difference whether a person has been in ministry for a year or a hundred years, time still continues to help us grow.


One thought on “Time…

  1. Jessica Maher says:

    Isn’t it interesting how it is a process and a journey where we are always learning and growing?

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