Question of the Week

The very problem of teenage obesity is effecting the very nature of how students respond to programs; have you ever had a student no attend an event because there was too much walking or running, and that HALO 3 sounds better? The question of the week is based upon two trends 1) obesity and 2) guys wearing girl pants.

Here’s the question: how can the students (guys) of today in all their glory and obesity, wear girl jeans? If today’s teens are too fat to do anything, how do they get away with girl pants? I hope this trend ends soon!

for those who practice the quaker method of humor: THIS IS A JOKE QUESTION!!!! Get over it!


One thought on “Question of the Week

  1. Ezzah says:

    I think addressing the “girls pants” thing at this point (and especially to jr. highers) is like addressing why an alcoholic drinks beer instead of jack daniels. I believe you should hit the weight/activity issue like you’d hit any other attitudinal issue which hinders a correct way of living, and that’s from a spiritual point of view. A fat preacher is part of our culture, Christians (children especially) don’t even think of weight being a sin (too thin/too fat). There are a lot of angles you could hit such teaching…..
    You COULD touch the girl’s pants issue, but that’s really just hitting specifics that’s likely to make you look picky. Really, it’s a cut of jean-girls have been wearing boys pants forever. It’ll probably pass, but if you think it’s more than an issue of “style” with someone, I’d deal with it person to person.

    You rock!

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