The Question of the day

This thought has been surfacing through general reflection and some wonderful conversations I had this week; How do we (the church) show what a man is worth in ministry? This question could simply bring nothing but implications based upon a person’s perspective or position. But, truly I desire to hear from those who read this. How is a man’s worth judged? And what is the church’s role in this? As I look at the life of Paul and as I study his ministry, these questions surface. Let the responses commence…


3 thoughts on “The Question of the day

  1. Ezzah says:

    I will probably be unpopular with this answer…but you know me well enough to know I mean no harm. I feel that the “church” should not treat anyone in “ministry” any different than those not in ministry. In that, I mean, we need to get back to loving people…..flat out. If you love someone, you will show your appreciation for them regardless of what role they play in your life. For instance, I will show my appreciation to my daughters’ doctor as I would to someone at the church nursery, because regardless….they are caring for my child. Also, I feel that if we communicate that ministers need some sort of special recognition (or aren’t getting enough), we may ignore the issue that people are not treating others correctly. You don’t have to post all this….

  2. baregoofy says:

    That is a true comment to be made. But the question is why is that our vocation ministers get shafted when it comes to their worth in terms of finaces. When a person that is a Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, and a Labor can make as much or ewven more than those whom we hold in high esteem but do not show it in this area. The reason I am being so hard on this point is that most ministers are appericated with words, and even gifts at oppporate times. But when a man that has been led by our Lord to work in harvest to disciple others to work in their harvest feilds as well is consider a ungratfeul, whinning man that is not relying on God’s provision.
    Let the church wake up, for if this was a cruical issue within the days of Paul, WOW! What would he say to us today. I am sure he would rip us a knew one. Not to mention what our Lord would acutally say, but wait He has… all we have to do is read it.
    Sorry if this is harsh but when are we going say enough is enough and live in the authority and power that has been given to by Christ.

  3. Lucas says:

    Wendeth, you opened yourself to this… but stated that the church should treat people in minister no different than those in not in ministry. Let me ask you this, is is okay for a congregation to expect a person devoted to full-time ministry to work for 40+ hours a week for nothing, because they are in ministry. This would never happen in the non-ministry context. One could even draw from this that, it would be deemed appropriate to offer a pastor a 100K salary…that’s a possible issue. My question is this, why are pastor’s worth based upon everything BUT, a monetary support? I must confess that there are exceptions. Billy Graham for example…

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