Top Five Things Students Struggle with…

This is a question for all you youth workers out there: What are the top five “things” students struggle with on an everyday basis? Your answers could include thoughts from the middle schools, high school, or college world.


2 thoughts on “Top Five Things Students Struggle with…

  1. Ezzah says:

    I’ve worked with youth, does that count? I’ve worked with primarily inner-city..but here’s my experience….(in no particular order) it was hard to just list five….
    1. sexual immorality…sex in general, questions, confusions, etc.
    2. honesty, generally stemming from needing/wanting to be approved of by people of authority
    3. academic success
    4. future anxiety
    5. being able to be different, being a Christian around those that aren’t, especially if they are deepening or becoming new believers and those around them aren’t (this includes family)

  2. Lucas says:

    Wendeth, I cherish your wisdom. Thanks for the comment.

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